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With everything from web development and engaging content, to audience analytics and social media, please see below a full list of our services.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design and Strategy

Creating a brand is just as important as having a product to sell in the first place.

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Creating a brand is just as important as having a product to sell in the first place. As without an identity, knowing which direction to move your business will come with some tough challenges.

This is where our Brand Design and Strategy service is able to help get you started. As an international team we have over 10 years of experience together, covering a diverse range of industries.

All of which, we bring together in order to build a brand image that is right for you. Featuring everything from the look of the website, complete with relevant content, through to when and where we market online.

The knowledge each member brings to SEO Fish will contribute to your overall brand design and marketing strategy. We will liaise closely with yourselves, to establish a proposal that suits each individual client.

Whether that’s developing your existing website or building a new site from scratch. We can implement all the best practices, to improve SEO and Google rankings, along with promoting your company through social media channels.

As well as designing a website that looks good and is easy to navigate, our marketing strategy will support the best way to drive traffic. After all, there’s no point in having a fantastic website to promote if you’re not going to receive any visitors.

We can then focus on key word research, as well as setting a budget to help promote your business via multiple channels. Both through paid adverts and by utilising the best time and place to target our marketing strategy. We then have the ability to follow this up with analytical research, in order to create brand awareness and ultimately, financial rewards.

Audience Analytics

When it comes to analysing data or researching information, it can sometimes become a little

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When it comes to analysing data or researching information, it can sometimes become a little overwhelming. Luckily, with SEO Fish looking after your website and social media, you don’t need to worry. It’s all part of the service from our dedicated team of individuals.

This can include several areas, however we are experienced in all aspects of audience analytics. It’s one thing having a great looking website, but it’s a wasted effort, if you’re not getting the traffic.

After all, why have an important message or product to sell if no-one visits your site.

Initially as either part of creating your website or redeveloping an existing one, we will ensure your content is suitable for SEO. As part of this process, we research key words and phrases that people are searching for online, as well as reviewing the competition.

Once we have an idea how people are looking for your product or service, we can build a strategy around it. That way, having a clear plan on how to reach out to prospective customers, improving your ranking and the amount of people visiting your site.

Then with the likes of Google Analytics, our team can establish what works for you. As well as establishing how many visits you are getting to your new and improved website, we can drill down into the finer detail. Such as where they’re visiting from, the length of time spent on site and ultimately, if these numbers are converting to improved sales or new clients.

As for building upon your social media presence, we are able to run ad campaigns at specific targeted demographics. By maintaining a methodical approach, it is possible to analyse when, where and to who to advertise, along with a clear understanding of the results.


Our team of dedicated copywriters have a passion for writing.

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Our team of dedicated copywriters have a passion for writing. With the ability to cover anything from landing pages, engaging blog posts and sales material, to posting on your social media.

The importance of a good copywriter will prove invaluable to your business. As creating the right copy is a vital part of increasing brand awareness and promoting your company. When it comes to providing content for your website, it’s a case of someone staying on your site, as well as finding it in the first place.

With over 10 years of experience, we are able to adapt writing styles to suit your business. Providing engaging and relevant content, that will help get you noticed. This is because copywriting is much more than just writing, it should be an integral piece of your marketing strategy. With the right content, you will soon be a brand leader within your industry.

In able to achieve this, our copywriters will develop the content of your website in a way that is right for you. However, we also appreciate the importance of how the online market works, in particular those all-important Google rankings.

This is why we write SEO friendly content, in order to drive awareness of your brand while increasing your presence within Google searches. Although it is also just as crucial to get the right message to your audience once they reach your site.

So, while providing copy with Search Engine Optimisation in mind is high on the agenda, we will always ensure content is relevant and serves a purpose.

As a result, our Copywriters at SEO Fish will adapt the correct tone of voice throughout. Informing potential customers and clients of the services you provide and ultimately, converting them into sales.

Social Media Management

Promoting your business through social media is about knowing which is the right marketing channel

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Promoting your business through social media is about knowing which is the right marketing channel for you. Adapting your tone of voice accordingly, along with using content your audience is more likely to engage with.

However, social media management goes much further besides sharing a Facebook post or typing a one liner into Twitter. After all, social media has become a major part of everyday life with all ages and industries utilising their online presence to their advantage.

While social media hasn’t been in existence as long as the Internet itself, it has since become a vital tool in promoting your business. As such, to neglect your social media channels would result in missing a huge opportunity. Yet knowing exactly how to get the best out of Facebook and Instagram can become somewhat confusing.

That’s why at SEO Fish we provide a Social Media Management service that does the hard work, so you don’t have to. Keeping ahead of ever evolving trends and developing eye-catching posts, that will reach your target audience. Increasing brand awareness and in return, creating more traffic to your website along the way.

Our team are experienced within social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Whereby we can develop the right plan for you, in order to deliver fantastic results. By managing your social media accounts, we can implement campaigns into our wider marketing strategy.

This can be with targeted advertising, competitions and promoting specific areas of your business in an engaging and captivating manner. Planning the timings of your social media calendar is also just as important, in order to reach your audience accordingly. Plus, depending on your budget we can promote via paid social media too!

Website Development

With over 10 years of experience, we have seen how the online marketplace

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With over 10 years of experience, we have seen how the online marketplace has evolved and as such it is important to adapt accordingly. This is why we use a strategic approach to our web development, understanding the requirements of each client in order to address their individual needs.

Our team will work alongside you, to ensure we gain an insight into your customer base and the end to end process of your business. It is then important to appreciate how you wish to develop your website, so we can provide the best value service.

As part of our web development, we can either create a new site completely from scratch or re-develop your existing one. This can also include introducing a micro-site, providing a content management system or other ongoing web development and maintenance. Such as additional pages, blog posts and running your social media.

We use our ever growing knowledge, along with current trends, to ensure we produce an appealing and modern site for your business. Our extensive understanding of the likes of WordPress enable us to do so, creating a website you will be proud of.

While our Web Development service provides help with regards to the technical side of your business, we also ensure it’s fully functional. After all, your website not only needs to serve a purpose but should also be easy to use.

This is why any website that we build will be fully tested before going live, both from a “behind the scenes” perspective and that of the end customer. As it is imperative that once we gain traffic to your new and improved website, that people are able to use it in the way it’s intended.

Search Engine Optimization

While we can ensure any website looks impressive and is easy to use

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While we can ensure any website looks impressive and is easy to use, we need to attract people towards your site in the first place. With over 10 years of experience, the team at SEO Fish appreciate there’s more to relevant content than just endless words and nice pictures.

That’s why we specialise in ensuring your website is fully optimised, in order to achieve higher Google rankings. In return for our enthusiasm and dedication, you will receive more traffic to your website and greater recognition within your chosen industry.

Initially it is important to gain an overview of your business, establishing and researching the keywords you need to rank against. However, it’s much more than that, as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requires you to stay ahead of the competition.

Having established the right keywords and phrases that your customers are searching for, we will integrate these strategically within your site. Whether that be via landing pages, blog posts or behind the scenes.

One of the keys to improving SEO on your website is to utilise every page, without distracting from its purpose. Afterall, understanding the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation has come a long way from simply adding as many keywords as possible.

This is where our expertise comes in, as Google algorithms are ever changing, in particular to avoid websites “cheating” the system. We will ensure only relevant content is included, as well as the right number of internal/external links to help give you more credibility.

Then there are aspects of SEO that are less visible to the end user, but equally important. We adopt best practices when adding headers, URL’s and Meta Descriptions. All of which contribute to fantastic results within Google and other search engines.

Blog Writing

The art of blog writing is much more than putting words to a piece of paper.

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The art of blog writing is much more than putting words to a piece of paper. That’s why our team of copywriters and blog writers are passionate about providing high quality posts and articles. All of which are written with a purpose.

Promoting your website online comes in a number of forms, whereby blog posts will play a key role in growing any business. They can not only be informative, giving customers an insight into your services and products, but are also a way of attracting visitors to your website in the first place.

As such, SEO Fish will ensure they understand the nature of your business and just as importantly, your target audience. That way, we know exactly what you are looking to achieve from running your blog and the results you are after.

We can write engaging posts relating to specific areas of your company, providing readers with an insight into your business. All articles will be written in a tone of voice that represents your brand, promoting areas in which you wish to operate.

However, blog writing is also about helping people find your website online. Creating additional pages will increase the size of your site, but should always be of a high standard. This is why our writers follow best practices, in order to gain higher rankings in Google and other search engines.

By including keyword research as part of the service, we will ensure blogs are written with Search Engine Optimisation in mind. Making the most of SEO is vital to any content on your website, an area in which SEO Fish have a proven track record. Whatever you wish us to write about, we look forward to working with you.

Paid Social

We all know how social media plays a vital role in promoting your business

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We all know how social media plays a vital role in promoting your business and your overall marketing strategy. However, it’s also about how to make the most of these channels in order to meet your business objectives.

Social media is a great way to create brand awareness, while promoting content that people will want to share and engage with. The experienced team at SEO Fish are then able to go that step further, utilising your social media channels to your advantage.

Through paid social media we can help reach a new target audience, that may well have remained unaware of your existence. We can review your existing customers and followers, gaining an insight into their demographics, interests and online behaviours.

As a result, we are able to use your budget for paid social wisely. Targeting any likeminded individuals by creating a marketing campaign that will reach out on a more personal level than generic adverts.

With over 1 billion users taking to Facebook daily, there is huge potential to promote your website online. The metrics used enable you to target specific audiences, as well as setting timelines for when to advertise.

When it comes to engaging visually we are also able to manage your Instagram account in a way that reaches new potential. Since being taken over by Facebook, the social media site has become much more than an online photo-album. It is now a key tool within any worthwhile marketing strategy, utilising the knowledge of Facebook for an alternative, modern audience.

As well as passing on our Facebook and Instagram expertise, we work closely with our clients on all other relevant social media platforms. Together, we will then continue to grow your online presence through both free and paid social.

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